Please note that hosting accounts with an asterisk (*) in the package name are located on our older servers in a different data centre to those without the asterisk. 

Unfortunately, this data centre has withdrawn its API access that integrates with the billing/admin package we use. As a result, access from our billing platform to your hosting control panel is no longer available.

However, direct access to your hosting control panels is still available via the following:

a. with the domain name and it’s associated password or

b. (note this only supports SSL if you have SSL certificate purchased)

c. Our login page at by selecting the ‘Legacy’ link under Hosting cPanel and Webmail.

If you are able to republish the account to our newer hosting, we can always create a new hosting account there which would continue to have access via the billing/support platform. The newer hosting includes free ssl certificates and is available at no additional charge.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this change has created.